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Archives for 2013

Neck Pain and Chiropractic

Neck pain represents a major problem for people throughout the world with considerable negative impact on individuals, families, communities, healthcare systems, and businesses. In fact, it's estimated that up to 70% of the general population will have neck pain at some point in life. Recovery within the year from neck pain ranges between 33% and [..]

Low Back Pain: Surgery vs. Chiropractic

Low back pain (LBP) is the second most common cause of disability in the United States (US) and a very common reason for lost days at work with an estimated 149 million days of work lost each year. The total cost associated with this is astronomical at between $100-200 billion/yr, of which 2/3rds are due [..]


The Misunderstanding of an Important Player in Obesity, Arthritis, and Pain SyndromesScientific publications have noted for nearly seven decades that obesity increases the risk of osteoarthritis. A recent search (08/08/2013) of the US National Library of Medicine using the PubMed search engine ( with the words “obesity AND osteoarthritis” revealed 1,310 studies. These studies spanned between [..]

Cancer and Nutrition – Part 1

With the side effects related to cancer treatments, why not try to enhance our body’s ability to “fight"? The use of nutrition-based treatment is NOT to be misunderstood as a standalone treatment, but rather, as an adjunct treatment alongside convention cancer management, varying by the type of cancer. With that said, what are some dietary [..]

Whiplash Diagnosis

Whiplash is, by definition, the rapid acceleration followed by deceleration of the head causing the neck to “crack like a whip” forwards and backwards at a rate so fast that the muscles cannot react quickly enough to control the motion. As reported last month, if a collision occurs in an automobile and the head rests [..]

Fibromyalgia and Sleep Interference

Fibromyalgia (FM) affects the entire body, which makes the diagnosis challenging! A VERY common issue with patients struggling with FM includes problems related to sleep. This goes beyond the number of hours one “tries to sleep” but rather the quality of sleep and feeling “restored” in the morning. That is, quality is more important than [..]

CTS Self-Diagnosis – Is That Possible?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is technically a “pinched nerve” in the wrist (carpal tunnel) that results in numbness, tingling, and later, weakness in the distribution of the median nerve (thumb, index, 3rd, and half of the 4th finger). In addition to the median nerve, there are 9 tendons and their sheaths, a network of blood [..]

Neck Pain – Where Is It Coming From?

Neck pain can arise from a number of different tissues in the neck. Quite often, pain is generated from the small joints in the back of the vertebra (called facets). Pain can also arise from disk-related conditions where the liquid-like center part of the disk works its way out through cracks and tears in the [..]

Low Back Pain and Obesity

Low back pain (LBP) is a VERY COMMON PROBLEM! Here are some facts about LBP: 1) At ANY given time, 31 million Americans experience LBP; 2) LBP is the single leading cause of disability worldwide; 3) 50% of ALL working Americans admit to having LBP symptoms each year; 4) LBP is the #1 reason for [..]

Cancer Causes & Prevention Strategies

We’ve previously established that chiropractic (and probably most forms of non-invasive treatment approaches) cannot “cure” cancer. However, we have found that some cancer treatment centers utilize chiropractic care as part of the treatment process. But what about cancer prevention? Is that possible?Up front, we need to acknowledge that there is no one cause of cancer. [..]